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  1. jpurcell28_crystalcoast

    Got to make sure its not a gotcha… but our side can’t be hypocrite either

  2. ksweetbear

    But they won’t do a damn thing about Hunter with absolute proof 🤡 🌎

  3. mindyvdesign

    Disinformation. Misinformation. 🤷🏼🤦 USE DISCERNMENT folks. Prayers for any of these soldiers yet standing. 🙏🙏🙏 Time will tell.

  4. theoneandonlytcj

    I put nothing past no one at anytime given. but it’s laughable that the DOJ investigate him but not even The Biden Crime Family.

  5. socal_patriot111

    Gaetz is gay, that’s a fact

  6. helldiablo6

    Fabricated horseshit because he’s a powerful figure who stands against the radical left.

  7. btemp0805

    I think it’s fake he’s a young guy and has a long career they want to stop him

  8. graywolfhowlz

    Guilt by association. They’re saying a colleague (Greenburg) was busted so they’re looking unto Gaetz too. Bc why not.

  9. ttttina19

    Seeing that they knew about this near the end of President Trump’s time in office but are now telling us about it just seems fishy.

  10. vfitz06

    Just saw him on Tucker show and absolutely denies this!! Go find the video.

  11. boobadoosmom

    You can rest assured enormous pressure will be put on Greenberg to implicate Gaetz in exchange for a deal. This is infuriating. Meanwhile Hunter Biden skates.

  12. mrmartin2716

    I don’t believe it. Discernment applies.

  13. jcstraightnochaser

    Hes part of an ongoing FBI investigation

  14. sjlaroux

    Dont believe it ..if he really had something to hide he wouldnt stand up to the dems like he does…they are scared of him

  15. clownworldtime

    Looks like Dems are trying to smear him

  16. kynationalist

    Well damn. Guess we gotta wait and see how it plays out

  17. tracy_2186

    isn’t age of consent in Florida, 16? in MD it is. my husbands brother (P.O.S.) had a 17yr old gf (he was 40) her parents tried to have him arrested, but it was legal (and he took her out of state and police still said not against the law as he wasn’t holding her hostage and brought her back) so even if he had a sexual relationship with a 17yr old as long as consensual …

  18. brendabalingit

    No, but they need to investigate the immense number still sitting there waiting on the books! Hence many in administration past and present.

  19. lindsayculbert

    Honestly, I’m fine with this as long as they do a deep dive into Nadler, Schumer, Pelosi… every Democrat…. but they won’t. Just the GOP.

  20. leeengland

    Oh now all of a sudden Dems care about shit mine this?? Gimme a fuckin break

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