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  1. wickedlydia

    How is it that folks just don’t see the truth even when it’s in their face?

  2. pepe_wujek

    There are people that believe every word of this.

  3. kershananagins

    Weird….. Feels kind of Epsteinesque…. Or maybe there’s guilt…. Who knows. 🀨

  4. megsbenedict23

    Oh no did Hilary of the C_A get to him?

  5. lexelay

    He wouldn’t go along with the lies

  6. 1fast_rabbit

    Is the pelosi body count going up or we tage these on clinton?

  7. pistol_pete_b

    2 bullets in the back of the head type suicide?

  8. zigland_74

    They should say β€œanother witness” is gone by suicide

  9. jacobsd.p

    Honestly I’m starting to believe these people aren’t real and Jan 6th was yet another psyop

  10. dailydallypetpillow

    And with him goes the truth…

  11. kdubz2024.x3

    Grandma was definitely hard to tackle.

  12. steakforpodcastbreakfast

    John Legend was a USCP? πŸ™„

  13. relocatewithrease

    Why would they be so distraught? If you do bad things for bad people bad things happen.

  14. lauraplatt777

    Ya I think we all can agree that all 3 were suicided

  15. paris_s_20

    Probably witness protection somewhereπŸ€·β€β™€οΈ. I need to see the dead body and dna tests from now on

  16. _akkunyah_

    Well, the elites have a track record of β€œsuiciding” people so I wouldn’t leave out the possibility of foul play.

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