©️0n$p!r🅰️©️¥ th€0r!€s tho …

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  1. johngerardgallucci

    Are we talking stem cells, adrenochrome or both. 😮

  2. revengeofthepapi

    *Betty white has entered the chat*

  3. _cindyliftsweights_

    Stem cells help with injuries when harvested from the umbilical cord of the baby why can’t they just use that people are sick their sick this is insanity if any ordinary person thought of these things or even tried this we would all be in a asylum

  4. prodigalsonxyo

    Uhhh that Nygard part tho…🤢🤮

  5. crissy_teena

    But us taking about adrenochrome is all conspiracy uh huh sure!!!

  6. kittykat0410

    I convinced…Satan lives within the uberwealthy.

  7. katmmoore252

    That’s why Nygard was cozy with Bill Gates. Gates has donated millions to fetal stem cell research. It also explains the Bush Sr connection with Nygard. When Bush Jr ran for president he vowed that he would cut federal funding for aborted fetal stem cell research. When he won his first term, he actually increased federal funding for this research. One big sick circle

  8. saralara85

    Once ppl realize what the el1tes of this world have been dong behind closed doors, many won’t sleep. I know I have had a lot of restless nights after learning more and more about all this.

  9. samsonsezz

    Well he definitely needs his money back bc this mofo looked washed up and old af.

  10. luduhchrista

    Im in the silicon valley 408…and im addicted to the elizabeth holmes case. I really think shes A.I but im crazy dont listen to me

  11. cmickune

    Wow!!! Hiding in plain sight- yet another conspiracy theory proving to be reality. Now they’re going to mainstream it 🤦

  12. _leslie_noelle_

    What kind of psychopathic sociopathic narcissistic op 📎 level freak has the audacity- the twisted mind to think this is a good idea is 🤯
    I’m sorry God 😞🙏 all life is sacred – life is sacred !!!

  13. lynnechels

    I think it’s time to delete the internets now 🤦🏼‍♀️

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