My name is Cassie Carter. Daughter of the Most High God. JESUS IS MY SAVIOR.

Why did Llew loan Bill over 2 million of our money to pay us back? Did you never look at the sheet? Did you know that 11 million would have been the interest on 4.2 million dollars? Roughly?

Take a look at that small little interest.

Bill,Llew, Pat, Mikey all did extortion and won a championship out of it. Never in sports history has an agent “FORGOT” to opt in for their clientslast year. 4,w million at that

Llew in his younger years at his freemason school.


Should have known who
was spending our
money and how. I told

Lin Wood
President Trump has made it clear that
we must end the rigged election system
and has called for a return to in person
paper ballots cast on ONE day. He also
fights child sex trafficking. I agree with
him on these two critically important
issues. There are also a multitude of
other issues on which President Trump
and I agree.

We agree that political witch hunts are a travesty of justice. Trust me, I feel the President’s pain. Our nation must return to the rule of law. We The People must demand an immediate end to ALL political witch hunts.

It is not about President Trump or me. It is about you. Today they target us, you know who the enemy will target next – You The People.

Stew Peters covered us once. I was
the one he interviewed.
Afterwards, Craig Sawyer and other
Groups failing to stop God started
threatening Stew because
Christopher Key of the Vaccine Police
started exposing Sawyer for covering
up the Cemex Child Sex Trafficking
Stew threatened Christopher to DROP
all Craig Sawyer evidence or he would
DROP the Vaccine Police.
I saw the text messages on
Christopher’s phone with a defeated
look on his face as he said Craig
Sawyer was “one powerful guy.”
This testimony is true as my Father
has seen and heard all.
Stew Peters dropped our Border
Communities and hasn’t done
anything to help us or these Children.
He sells a lot of socks though.

From: General Flynn Exposed Dear Inspector General, I am contacting you regarding the purported professional and operational connections between Department of Homeland Security Investigations and the activities of Veterans For Child Rescue lnc (V4CR) Arizona; and V4CR founder Craig Randall (Sawman) Sawyer.

In April of 2017, Craig Sawyer founded V4CR whereupon he declared through both mainstream and independent media that his group of veterans, which he called the “VIPR Team” (Veterans Investigating Pedophile Rings) were going to “extract” trafficked children from their confinement and captivity. Sawyer claimed V4CR was going to film the “extractions” and show the footage to the public so the world could see the truth about child trafficking. Sawyer never rescued one child and never showed any such footage.

In May of 2020, Craig Sawyer released a documentary style film entitled “ContraLand”. In the rolling credits at the end of ContraLand, Sawyer states he was working with “Homeland Security Investigations” during the “Texas Operation” in Webb County, Texas. Craig Sawyer stated publicly he is overseeing the Cartel traffic children across the U.S. see attached Craig Sawyer and members of his organization have been reported for crimes, including crimes against humanity, to the Office of the Governor in Texas, CID at Fort Campbell, Kentucky, and Webb County Sheriff in Texas.

Craig Sawyer and members of his organization have written to me via interstate electronic communications and warned that I (Timothy Charles Holmseth), my children, and my Publisher (Randi L. Erickson) are going to be kidnapped, transported across state lines, raped (bestiality), filmed for rape porn tortured, and murdered (see attachments).

Was/ls Craig Sawyer and/or Veterans For Child Rescue lnc, associated with Department of Homeland Security Investigations as he purports in “ContraLand”? What is DHS present relationship with Craig Sawyer and V4CR? Respectfully yours, Timothy Charles Holmseth Reporter United States Army Intelligence Support Activity

Red Pill

Reminder: Red Pill Babe defended Craig Sawyer in her psychotic breakdown over Timothy Holmsler.

Natty follows Craig Sawyer


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Do the research.
Connect the dots.
Form YOUR OWN conclusions.
Draw your own conclusions.

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  1. Tom Howes

    I follow all the bad ones, keep your eyes on your enemy. Knew ol Stew had to be bad.

  2. woke_ready

    Breb her story is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  3. Melanie Munro

    She looks like a dude to me. Not sure what to think on this one coming out of nowhere. Not attacking, just a gut feeling.

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