1619 Project founder Nikole Hannah-Jones claimed that “largely due to socialism” Cuba had the “least inequality between black and white people” while speaking on a Vox podcast in 2019.

Joining host Ezra Klein – who has taken trips sponsored by Chinese Communist Party-linked group in exchange for “favorable coverage” of the regime – on his podcast “Conversations,” Jones asserts that Cuba should be a role model to America for integrating schools.

“Are there candidates right now or even just places that you think have a viable and sufficiently ambitious integration agenda, and if so, what is it,” Klein asks Jones, prompting her to laugh.

After admitting she’s “definitely not an expert on race relations internationally,” she posits that “if you want to see the most equal, multiracial democ… it’s not a democracy – the most equal, multi-racial country in our hemisphere it would be Cuba.”

She attributes the alleged absence of inequality to socialism:

“Cuba has the least inequality between black and white people of any place really in the hemisphere. I mean the Caribbean – most of the Caribbean it’s hard to count because the white population in a lot of those countries is very, very small, they’re countries run by black folks, but in places that are truly at least biracial countries, Cuba actually has the least inequality, and that’s largely due to socialism, which I’m sure no one wants to hear.”

The unearthed podcast follows The National Pulse revealing Jones authoring an op-ed praising Cuba and the role of education as “the cornerstone of the revolution.”

“It manifests in what Cuba has accomplished, through socialism and despite poverty, that the United States hasn’t,” she writes before identifying an advantage of the communist revolution as bringing about the “end of codified racism.”

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  1. nathaliestherr

    No one can say “nOoNe KneW!” 🤡 if you vote this way, this is what you are voting in!

  2. bobstaff60

    Of course they are equal. They all suffer equally except the elites

  3. tammygarcia_realtorontheroad

    Let’s send them all to Cuba

  4. june_that_calichick91

    She does know that Castro was racist against blacks, right?

  5. ashleymarieh

    Well that’s how socialism works!! Everyone is poor… there is your equality.

  6. pixlfan12

    I guess as long as the government pushes everyone into poverty Democrats are like, “JUSTICE!” 🤪

  7. scotchirishenglishchic

    She should move there.

  8. elisabetta2183

    Yeah every one is equally poor and suffering

  9. sunrise9600

    “Everyone is equally as miserable and I think that’s a beautiful thing” – this lady, probably

  10. wzard001

    Wow she should live there then if it’s the lifestyle she chooses!😩Imagine anyone listening to these people!

  11. big_pita19

    Tell her to go over there and spend 6 months with the same rations the ppl have the same living conditions the ppl have everything that the ppl have and see if she still believes that. #theleftisblind #fcommunisum

  12. yrn_rasmooth32

    🤡 🤡 🤡. Ship her there!!!

  13. aprileruncie

    Wtf! You first..let me know how your 1st 5yrs go..then I see!

  14. crazycurlyholly

    This has to be a joke. Like how could anyone take someone seriously that says that???!!!

  15. 12breacher

    Tell her to go preach that in the streets of Havana and see what happens.

  16. hardass10

    Equally poor and oppressed, exactly what they want for the US

  17. mrsumerian

    When someone knows something is bad, but they think they can still make money of of it.

  18. renepelleya

    I am Cuban and everybody is equalized by hunger poverty oppression except the few minority elitist so called communists like here now the Democratic Party

  19. thewrench427

    I will pay for her plane ticket..one way of course

  20. marcloomer

    A paid advertisement by the CCP 👏

  21. wfernandezjr

    It is. One of what NOT to do 😒😌

  22. elisasouci

    Omg this is appalling. Love to sit down and converse. So what… the least inequality but all the poverty is equal. Unless I’m misconstruing words, this is insanity talk!!

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