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  1. s_garunner

    🤮 Please don’t visit Georgia or Florida. Stay away from us.

  2. hellomrsbarela

    The atrocious comment above was marked as a “hidden” for being offensive or spam. 🙄

  3. motherofcats326

    That last pic of her 😱 she has soulless eyes

  4. debkweenbee

    Because she can’t fix this one on her knees. 😮

  5. calimisti

    Her schedule is nothing. She barely did anything??

  6. serhogg

    Where are they now 😂😂😂👀🕵🏽🤷🏽‍♂️😶

  7. suziem316

    That last pic…I can hear that laugh 😖

  8. publicenemy_no.7

    “wE diD iT jOe hehehahhahhehehehahahaha”

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