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  1. areed711

    Wtf! The symbol in that characters hand was a pedo symbol

  2. ljwilly2020

    Video loaded with pedo symbols!! Sick

  3. leftyginger

    I have to admit, if this was used for the benefit of children it could be magical – like kids during chemo treatments or other uncomfortable but necessary treatments, obviously not this v*x BS…but I could see potential for good, naturally it could always be used for bad too.

  4. riztopher

    Will they give the kids family a vr headset if they end up paralyzed?

  5. the_goldendragonfly

    The symbol on the armrest in the VR. 😳 Their symbolism will be there downfall. 🙏

  6. bphelps4

    Anyone notice the pedo imagery in the VR?

  7. joan_calamezzo.p.elect

    Wtf happened to just telling the kids the truth? It’ll hurt for a second, butbyoureba bad ass and you can do this. ….. were done. Ridiculous

  8. ohwellmightaswellstay

    Nice pedo shit they got there

  9. blackmotorwerke

    Very interesting company name – not cool especially since children under 20 can’t contract carry, or transmit the “virus” also it isn’t a “vaccine” you’re changing your child’s DNA to produce only one type of antibody, that always live in their body, that suppress thier natural immune system. So when your child dies of something else, at least they didn’t die from a disease they likely wouldn’t have ever caught or had any complications from in the first place. 😢

  10. denisetrainsu

    The frickin lengths they will go to to push this poison.

  11. 47bananas70


  12. adventures.without.sugar

    This is sickening. They went out of their way to implement virtual reality for kids to try and convince them and their parents to take this suspicious concoction. It’s getting more and more disturbing

  13. barbarieck

    Very creepy. Complete with pedo looking symbols.

  14. jamissweetoilersyl

    So creepy and why does@it always look like they snap the needle off in the arm?

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