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  1. amata_beloved_beu

    wtf does this even mean????!

  2. blackwonderwomanwarrior2021

    What is it🤯🤯 two grim reapers 😩😩😩🌚🌚

  3. mrssandrahd

    Mocking the Afghanistan women? I mean come on

  4. meredith_bollinger

    That’s not ye. The dude she’s with has a big shnoz. Kanye’s nose isn’t that big.

  5. living.free.sarah

    Is he in hotel slippers????

  6. _mildredramos

    Omgg it’s not Kanye. His nose ain’t that big. She’s totally hiding a white rocker bf.

  7. bekahrap

    If people can’t see this as demonic, they can’t see

  8. lanceischill

    Nah, this gives satanic vibes for sure.

  9. smashleyrox

    Only ones wearing masks 😂😂😂

  10. megsbenedict23

    I’m sure it’s something satanic 😑

  11. realanthonyaguero

    That’s not #AntNat 🤣🤣

  12. riverthoughts

    Ever since I’ve woken up to the evil in this world, I’ve been seeing creepy symbolism everywhere… and this gives me evil vibes. That’s all I’m gonna say.

  13. bobby_in_brooklyn

    What else do you wear to a satanic ritual

  14. lbbair89

    Evil. What even is this. What is this world we are living? Someone wake me from this nightmare.

  15. 1christa11

    They think those fire suits will help them in that lake of fire which is coming soon to a celebrity near you…. 😏🙏🏻

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