3.11 <> 11.3

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  1. Boom!!!!!! I love this post and hold you in the highest regard for always standing for truth and having Lin’s back! We are Gideon’s army!!!!!!!! 🙌❤️

  2. Beanz AGMI 🤦🏼‍♀️ she’s shilling today. When i asked her where the money was going I was pounced on my her minions🙄

  3. I’m happy to hear the green and red line decoders are taking a break. Anyone who complained about their follow counts declining in the past 2 years can’t be trusted

  4. There are few trying to convince you with all their energy that “new q posts are real”, look close to their posts and what they are avoiding to post.

  5. Myschel

    So I am not following this battle as I have no idea who these peeps are but I do know truth when I hear it and I know you speak it and I know Lin does. I also know flynn doesn’t and that is all i need to know. (Heck thats more than half the battle) I pray for you and Lin to always be covered in the blood for protection. I stand on that word. It can not be a lie.

  6. So I see… they use Flynn to lead the attempt to start a civil war because most veterans will follow a general who was said to screwed over by their enemy too, Obama…. Biden…. With the civil war comes the UN peace keepers who just made a deal with SOROS and the the WEF to further the 2030 agenda …

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