39 minutes you say?

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  1. californiacarlin

    Some places the polls haven’t even closed yet!

  2. bigblockbill454

    White hats watching recall for fraud.

  3. shakespearescholar

    So now we hope for an unfortunate accident and untimely death? California is quite literally Game Over. Hoping since there are people still waiting to vote we get some real results – or expose the hell out of a rigged election in real time. Something Has to give.

  4. heartbelongstofurbabies

    Rigged yet again 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  5. thordonberryodinson

    Nobody gonna talk about china surrounding the United states with battle ships, and apparently North Korea shooting missiles??

  6. minardi_md

    Oh yeah, totally clean and secure. 🙄 Call in the Ninjas. Full audit and canvass. Some jail cells need occupants.

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