A search of the Miami-Dade county parcel search shows the owners of each unit. It also shows that John Mcafee doesn’t own a single property in Miami Dade County. Those saying he does own one in his name are wrong.


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  1. droopy_z

    in the Nashville area, as you all know, there are several famous people. For the most of them, They do not have houses in their names. They buy houses under an LLC so that people can not look them up and find their address. Not saying this is whats going on with the condos, just saying when most get to a level of fame , they take precautions to hide some normally public info.

  2. patriota_22again

    All very interesting, one thing I know for sure this was no accident so definitely was a purpose.

  3. shih_lj

    Wow! Ppl are saying this is not true. This is crazy! I know if you found this, that it’s true. Thank you for everything you do. This makes sense now.

  4. tequilaa_mockingbird

    Your account always provides a wealth of knowledge. 👏👏

  5. east_sv1

    If only there was some skill that was thought to us in elementary school to be able to decipher these clumps of letters. I’ll take a shot, Charlotte and Dion Mcafee?

  6. livin_in_fl_sun

    I was actually just about to do this

  7. rhawce

    I posted this list yesterday to a couple of accounts. Hopefully someone out there has the time to cross reference this list with John’s known aliases, companies, and associates. I’m guessing that he’s not dumb enough to keep it in his name if he did have a place there

  8. brkrieger

    IF that tweet actually came from him perhaps that is part of the “dead man’s” switch to verify that the DS was involved in his ‘suicide’. Perhaps he noted that address for reasons we do not yet know.

  9. cheapnewjeans

    LOL NICE this was the first site I went to yesterday when people started up on who lives there

  10. datboiwolf

    My thing is even though we don’t see direct ownership with McAfee and this building… Buildings don’t just collapse. We got buildings built in the 1920s here in Miami. That building was built in the 1980s. It’s crazy to think it just fell. And even crazier is the story that people were aware of structural issues from the 90s and it’s 2021 and no one did anything about it

  11. ericasimone

    @_kagbr0_8 I’m confused – the addresses owned by McAfee have nothing to do with 8777 Collins… what’s the connection here?

  12. jst_my_other_acct

    Someone with the last name Epstein owns one

  13. younicornlove33

    Thank you for clearing this up🙏

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