Absolute mad man, you love to see it.

SWIPE<<<<< Oh and Jews are antisemitic now.

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  1. walksthroughwaters

    Inroads to the lrthodox community? Guess religious people just wana be right with God… maybe theyll start putting some pf that evil perverted talmudic shit away….

  2. crabapple222

    Regular Jews starting to realize they too have been bamboozled by the elite.

  3. hornt_patrol17


  4. theeberns

    @jennifer_burns75 @geoffbailey @jtyenne @rudulph1 🍿

  5. you_can_do_it_1988

    Holocaust is a Soviet Union Propaganda river of horseshit 🤷🏻‍♂️ there is said it.

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