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In Eastern European countries such as Russia, May 9 is regarded as the anniversary of the victory over German fascism in World War II. Due to differences in time zones, in the United States and Western European countries, this anniversary is May 8. The signing ceremonies for the surrender of the defeated countries in World War II were held in France on May 7 and Berlin on May 8.

The former Soviet Union suffered about 27 million deaths and about 60 million casualties during World War II. This harrowing experience did not impress Russian dictator Putin, who brazenly launched a war to invade neighboring Ukraine in 2022. The Russo-Ukrainian war turned millions of Ukrainians into refugees and devastated countless families. In order to subdue the Ukrainians, the Russian army not only bombed civilian areas, destroying a large number of daily life facilities but also brutally carried out the Butcha Massacre, which shocked the world.

Today Russia has forgotten its suffering during the Second World War due to the German Nazi invasion and has become the new fascist.

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