All for a LARP? cc: sssscalps

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  1. theoneandonlytcj


  2. jaqxta

    There’s more “they were right” coming too..

  3. n.e.u.r.o.exe

    No coincidences 😎 he really snuck that in there

  4. magatime2.0

    Ol Sloppy Steve tells it like it is👏👏

  5. dujo

    Somebody really needs to email ds and tell them GOD WINS.

  6. pinkfloydkitty

    But nothings are happening… nothings ☕️ 🐸

  7. diallokhari

    All those children. What they must be going through.

  8. my_dog_is_the_mayor

    I remember when he said it was fantasy.

  9. monica77316

    They are probably in Biden’s basement

  10. m_c_brittsbaconbits3

    So initially when all the HaBBennings in Afghanistan was going down fast and furious I thought the kids stuck there were the 🇺🇸 military kids…then when reports came out the kids were from Sactown it dawned on me that they may have been trafficked. Sadly Sacramento is one of the trafficking hubs on the West Coast afterall.

  11. trace7711

    This administration are the child traffickers!!

  12. sumch10

    Over 5K migrant children missing! This was no accident! This was by design! Open Borders = Child S** Trafficking

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