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  1. This hits close to home. This is why my daughter has no phone password, no tiktok, knows how to shoot and carries pepper spray

  2. “Nothings happening.” Arrest going daily and massive crackdowns around the world….its going down as we speak.

  3. I live here. They now teach our kids in public school about chikd trafficking. Although we have pretty strict curfew rules and minors cant be at hotels or on the strip w/o an adult, I’m mortified at how many parents here turn a blind eye.

  4. b.p.casper

    Dude, the fact there’s an arrest for child traffickers almost everyday now makes me horrified. It just makes me wonder what they did to these kids, and how they even had the heart to even do such inhumane acts. It’s literally demonic.

  5. I’m in Vegas too! I have no children but this breaks my heart. I will repost, speak out or whatever I can do.

  6. ganymead

    it makes me happy. we are finding and arresting these people. this is good and these children now have a chance to heal

  7. Remember all through the 90s when the left wanted to say that prostitution was normal… Then they started (a la salon etc) saying that pedos were normal….. ????

  8. snkj01

    There are hundreds of them I can swear in all branches. When I first moved to Alaska I looked at a sex offender page and there was a registered sex offender (master sergeant) living ON Elmendorf AFB, and another working at one of the stores on base.

  9. what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. And that’s terrible. Y’all should change that line.

  10. jnae2324

    I wish we could have a collective chant of “take them fucking down”, but that’s not much fun and we’re in quarantine. Chaz was pretty lame, why do that again. But fuck them. And thank you for talking about this. Seriously. It’s so widespread. I’ve been angry about this for years as an ex cult member.

  11. Idgaf who they are, who they work for, what they’ve done up to this point in their lives. They ALL need to see the guillotines. If your name is on that Flight log to Epstien Island, get in line assholes. We’ll call your number when it’s your turn. #StackEmUpChallenge

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