Maui = 44 *Lahaina = 44 *Military = 44 *HAARP = 44 (August 11, 1987 is the HAARP patent date)

Watch this video.

Notice how the things he debunks do not prove his point.

In no way does he explain his statement, “so no, a weapon did not cause the fires in Maui.”

He then suggests it was a dry summer and the winds of Hurricane Dora.

He left out the part about the miracle home being owned by Dora Millikin though.

And notice how the examples were from 2018, the year of Paradise, California burning. Of course, it has been compared to what happened in Maui.

Philip Marcelo made this video.

Notice his name gematria.

Hawaii, 137 total islands (and 8 big ones to go with 8/8 fires)
Great Chicago Fire started at building address 137 (on the 8th of October)
-137, 33rd prime
Hawaii = 33
-Committee of Thirteen overthrew Hawaii in 1893
-That was 33 years after their birth in 1860
-And then all the stuff with Hawaii and Chicago through Obama, Kanye & Jay-Z + more.

As for 74, those are the qualifying wind speeds for a hurricane.
Hurricane winds begin at 74 MPH
The King = 74

Remember, The Rock is playing the King of Hawaii, the one who died 74 years before the USA overthrew Hawaii in December of 1893.
Japan = 93 (Blamed for attack in December at Pearl Harbor)
Atomic Bomb = 93 (What ended the war, in Japan, August 6 & 9, 1945)
The rock announced new Moana film on 93rd day of 2023 (April 3)
-That was 127 days before the fire
-Pearl Harbor on December 7 (12/7)
-New Pearl Harbor, when buildings 1, 2 & 7 fell

He also wrote this article going after “conspiracy theories.”

This story was published on the 16th of August with emphasis on ‘Smart Cities.’
Smart Cities = 136 (16th triangular number) (Jesuits since 16th Century)
-Smart Cities = 46 & 80
-#46 is 80 years old right now

Why not attack my work?

As we pointed out, this was the 56th edition of this tech conference which began in 1968. And this fire was synced with Moana, Disney’s 56th film.
Society of Jesus = 56
Paris, France = 56
Washington DC = 56
Climate Change = 56
Natural Disaster = 56
*Hurricane = 56

And we know how much bigger that 56 list is, touching US history (56 signers +), September 11, Covid-19, and everything in between.


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