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…If, according to our whistleblower, Joseph Rosati was the one responsible for orchestrating the attack on Seth Rich, and potentially “cleaning up” the two MS-13 agents after the shakedown went south… who put him up to it?

What you are about to read is parsed from several hours of leaked testimony I listened through today, via a whistleblower – testimony which is currently under seal in the District Court of Maryland.

This is the court case:

United States v. White

CRIMINAL NO. JKB-15-0545 CIVIL NO. JKB-17-1710 11-09-2017 MEMORANDUM AND ORDER Pending before the Court is Defendant’s Motion to Vacate, Set Aside, or Correct Sentence / Coram Nobis. (Crim. No 15-545, ECF No. 50.) Defendant pled guilty to being a felon in possession of ammunition on April 22, 2016. (ECF No.

And yes, this is the same case Lin Wood referenced on Twitter earlier:

What follows is a summary of the multi-hour-long testimony of alias Ryan White, delivered and recorded over several months, wherein White claims he was arrested by the very same man who was involved in the murder of Seth Rich, and the subsequent cover-up – Joseph Rosati.

White, working as a private investigator himself, had routine contact with several men working inside government agencies, including one Secret Service agent, Shaun Bridges, and another DEA agent, Carl Mark Force.

In his testimony, White would say that Bridges and Force would eventually be arrested on trumped up charges related to bitcoin theft and laundering on the Silk Road darkmarket.

Ex-Secret Service agent sentenced again for stealing from the government

A disgraced former Secret Service agent already serving time for stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of digital currency from the federal government has been sentenced to spend an additional two years in prison for a separate heist.

A disgraced former Secret Service agent already serving time for stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of digital currency from the federal government has been sentenced to spend an additional two years in prison for a separate heist.

Shaun Bridges, 35, was sentenced Tuesday in connection with stealing from a digital wallet belonging to the government currently valued at about $11.3 million.

Bridges had been a member of the federal task force that investigated Silk Road, an online marketplace responsible for facilitating hundreds of millions of dollars worth of illegal drug deals prior to being dismantled by U.S. authorities in late 2013. He later admitted stealing approximately 20,000 Bitcoin from its users during the government’s probe and was sentenced in December 2015 to 71 months in federal prison after pleading guilty to related counts of money laundering and obstruction of justice.

DEA Agent Who Faked a Murder and Took Bitcoins from Silk Road Explains Himself

Carl Mark Force IV was sentenced to 6 1/2 years after abusing his position as a federal officer.

The former DEA agent, based in Baltimore, Maryland, had been a member of the Silk Road Task Force, a sprawling multi-agency, multi-jurisdictional law enforcement effort that eventually netted Ross Ulbricht, also known as the Dread Pirate Roberts. In February 2015, Ulbricht was convicted on all counts after a jury trial in New York. He is currently serving a life sentence.

No mention of Carl Mark Force IV made it into Ulbricht’s trial. Neither did any mention of Shaun Bridges, the former Secret Service agent charged alongside him. The spree of crimes they committed as Silk Road investigators was under the seal of grand jury secrecy at the time. Bridges used the credentials of a Silk Road moderator-turned-informant to rob Dread Pirate Roberts, administrator of Silk Road. Force posed as a hitman and took money from DPR to kill the informant. Force and Bridges then faked the brutal murder of the informant.

In actuality, according to White, the men were thrown under the bus by Rosenstein, because Rosenstein was actively selling classified intelligence to foreign governments on the side, including Russia – a treasonous act, in and of itself, but doubly damning for someone who was supposed to uphold the law at the Department of Justice. However, as the Trump administration came in, the tenor of DC changed, and Rosenstein became increasingly spooked and nervous. According to White, Rosenstein wanted to stop selling info to foreign governments, but the memo didn’t quite make it all the way over to Bridges, who kept accepting foreign money on Rosenstein’s behalf.

This outraged Rosenstein, who then used his position and connections to lock the men away on charges related to the Silk Road. In other words, Rosenstein went after his own guys who had previously worked with him on various nefarious dealings – Bridges was, in fact, a forensic computer expert known for his ability to run circles around all kinds of electronics, and even, according to White, able to plant evidence on machines – for doing something which displeased Rosenstein, and which would have potentially exposed Rosenstein to legal scrutiny.

And it was from this betrayal by Rosenstein that Bridges started talking to White. White says Bridges spilled to him all the details about the murder of Seth Rich; revelations which shocked, but didn’t surprise White.

I should add here that due to the threats against his life, and the nature of his particular case, both White and his wife are currently in witness protection. Despite these threats, White has chosen to speak out and go on the record in order to shed light on this miscarriage of justice, and potentially help save the Republic.

Much of this and more would be outlined in a letter provided not only to the House Intelligence committee in 2018 (as part of a larger 920 page document containing reams of investigation into the Rich murder) but which was also provided to Tom Fitton, of Judicial Watch.

Neither anyone on the House Intelligence Committee, nor Mr. Fitton, would seem to do anything with the documents they received.

Dear Mr. Fitton,

My name is ___ I am a ___
current licensed Private Investigator ___ For a period of time over the
last year and a half I was an unpaid investigator assisting an independent media
group in investigating the murder of Seth Rich. I am no longer involved with that
group. I have continued to work with a confidential source on this case.

During my investigation with this group an individual contacted us and stated that he
had information regarding those involved in the murder of Seth Rich. A series of calls
were made between this individual & myself where the individual detailed the
circumstances why Rich was targeted as well as those connected to his murder.

During our conversations with this individual we were able to determine his
identity (Ryan D. White) whose background included ___

Mr. White has a previous conviction which led to his original cooperation with the
government and is currently on probation. His current cooperation with this
information is not tied into any promise of relief from his current sentence. I think if
you give him an opportunity to relay this information you will be impressed with his
knowledge of the facts. From the time I first came into contact with White he has
never lied to me about any of the connections or facts that I have been able to
corroborate. However there are records such as phone and police records of which I
have no access. This information would be needed to proceed to substantiate the
information supplied by Mr. White.

(Pg. 2)

This confidential sources (Ryan D. White) information on the murder of Seth Rich
comes from the personal relationships he developed with members of the Baltimore
based faction of the “Silk Road Task Force”, of which Rod Rosenstein was the U.S.
Attorney in charge out of Baltimore at that time. According to Mr. White’s information
Mr. Rosenstein operated with corrupt members of that task force who had stolen
“Bitcoin” during the “Silk Road Case” , some of whom are incarcerated (Shawn
Bridges and Carl M. Force IV) as well as others who were never charged with whom
(Rosenstein) still maintains close personal relationships.

Through my investigation I have identified these members whom the source said
were involved, (They Include a member Of the D.C Police Department identified as
one of the first Officers on the scene of the murder (Officer Robert Wingate-
Robinson), a current active Drug Enforcement Agent (Agent Joseph F. Rosati) and
an Agent of Alcohol Tobacco & Firearms (S.A. Alan L. Boroshok & Kevin C.
Doherty former owner of Nexus Consulting Group of Alexandria) in Mr. Rich’s
murder. This information indicates that Rod Rosenstein solicited the help of two
trusted agents (Rosati & Boroshok) with whom he had worked closely with in the past
to organize the operation to retrieve a thumb drive with classified emails always
carried by Mr. Rich. The emails had been removed from the DNC server by Mr. Rich
and later sold to Wikileaks.

DEA Agent Rosati enlisted the help of MS-13 gang members with whom he had
come into contact with during his other gang investigations. Rosati was able to get
two MS-13 members from South Carolina (Rafael Aguilar-Garcia DOB 1/25/1985 &
Carmelo Marmolejo-Calixto DOB 7/16/1982) to assist in what would be a robbery
of Seth Rich which included the retrieval of a thumb drive containing the emails
removed from the DNC server. Agent Rosati and Kevin Doherty met Garcia & Calixto
in a remote location prior to the incident. When Rosati saw the flashy vehicle the
MS-13 guys pulled up to them in he ran the plate number of their vehicle. Their
vehicle was reported stolen (Should be a record of Rosati running the plate
number). Rosati and Doherty took the two MS-13 guys in their vehicle to a location
awaiting Seth Rich. When Rich was spotted Rosati pointed him out on the street. The
MS-13 guys approached Rich with either a .22 caliber or .32 caliber nickel plated
revolver (Supplied by Agent Alan Boroshock of ATF) and attempted to rob Rich
who resisted. During the scuffle one of the MS- 13 guys fired two shots which struck
Seth Rich ultimately causing his death. The original plan never included the murder
of Seth Rich, merely to stage what would look like a random street robbery recover
the thumb drive which Rich was always known to carry.

After Rich was shot Agent Rosati assisted the MS-13 guys get away and made plans to
meet the next day in South Carolina to pay them for their assistance. According to
Mr. White, Rosati drove to South Carolina (Horry County) using his wife’s vehicle
where he shot both MS-13 dead in a shopping plaza as they waited for the meeting.

The murder of the MS-13 members caused Agent Rosati problems with the Maryland
based MS-13 members who provided the members from South Carolina.
Subsequently Agent Rosati transferred to Delaware where it is believed he still
resides and works.

(Pg. 3)

In addition to the Rich murder investigation, Mr. White has stated that an individual
named (Kevin Colin Doherty) arrested in the shooting of Mr. Jack Burkrnan was an
acquaintance of those law enforcement officers and took an active role in the Rich
murder. Mr. Doherty had become part of Burkman’s Seth Rich investigation and was
the head of the “Profiling Project” a George Washington University Student think tank
looking into the Seth Rich murder financed by Burkman. This same individual had
passed himself off to among others, such as Fox News during his appearance as a
former Federal Investigator (Mr. White said he was never a Federal Investigator).
It is unknown whether the motive in the shooting of Burkrnan was due to Burkrnan’s
continued high profile look into the Rich murder or the failed business venture
between Doherty & Burkman. Kevin Doherty is currently serving a 23 year sentence
in Virginia (14 years suspended) for the Attempted Murder of Jack Burkman.

I have enclosed supporting documents of Mr. White’s connection with Rod Rosenstein
and his cooperation in some of the cases he has assisted the government in
prosecuting to show that he has standing in the court. I hope that the inclusion of this
specific information would help you understand our dilemma in properly reporting
to a trusted entity? I would also hope that thee documents which I have entrusted
with both you and Mr. Farrell will not be publicly exposed to anyone. Mr. White’s life
will be in danger. Mr. White wants nothing but to turn this information over so that it
can be properly investigated. Mr. White has vowed to fully cooperate with any

I can be reached by ___ if you wish to contact me.

Sincerely, ___

Did you catch that on page 2?

This information indicated that Rod Rosenstein solicited the help of two trusted agents (Rosati & Boroshok) with whom he had worked closely with in the past to organize the operation to retrieve a thumb drive with classified emails always carried by Mr. Rich. The emails had been removed from the DNC server by Mr. Rich and later sold to Wikileaks.

I repeat – not a single member of the House Intelligence Committee, nor Tom Fitton, to my knowledge, ever did anything with this information.

Not a single investigation has come about as a result of this information.

Not a single prosecution. Not a single arrest.

No one in the entire government or media did a single thing with the information presented above. Not even supposed “allies” of President Trump.

So the important question to now ask is this: Why?

Why did nothing come about from any of this?

Could it be that they were all afraid?

But of whom? Rosenstein?

Rosenstein certainly had a degree of pull within his circle, but that wasn’t of whom they were truly afraid.

No, to answer that question, we have to go much higher up the ladder of power in DC.

Right to the very…

Well, you’ll need to read Part Three to find out.

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