Awful spicy today I must say.

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  1. itake_napzzz

    So they just made a loop and back into Mexico lol 😂

  2. reversemockingbird


  3. fuzzwhat


  4. believer_4he

    Big Q: with this all building up, is la mic attachs, Boulder. & Capital, then the border, “Military is the only way”

  5. donna_gayle_reed_ramirez

    Just a big Whoa😮😮

  6. missjanet_p

    Melanias tribute to Michael Jackson, he had same outfit.

  7. 22hlyoung

    That gun control one, not under an emergency it isnt. Learn something from Katrina and do NOT surrender

  8. cyb3rsoldier17


  9. kfroio

    Well, someone got my cell # cuz I’m getting lotsa spam😡

  10. coolbreeze______

    🥴 so many emotions rn 🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞

  11. corveysean

    Comin in hot. The appetizers are delicious. Wonder whats in the first course?

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Awful spicy today I must say.