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Stephen K. Bannon blasted the “feckless pencilnecks” in the Republican Party who aren’t demanding a commission to get to the bottom of Nov. 3.

“Here’s the commission I want,” Bannon said on War Room, Saturday. “I want a commission right now on 3 November.

Bannon said forget the Deep State’s quest for a 9/11-style commission on Jan. 6. The real commission needs to be on election fraud.

“Mike Pence blew it on the 6th,” he said. “Then President Trump was talked out of it by Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell to not put it into the impeachment trial, where we would have had a world stage to do it.”

“We’ve never gotten a place to show the receipts,” Bannon said.

“They always start off with this ‘insurrection,’ it’s on the ‘big lie.’ No, that is not a big lie. And we have the data-based, evidence-based, science-based background to give you.”

“We need a Nov. 3 commission,” Bannon added. “Put them under oath.[Kevin] McCarthy and [Mitch] McConnell and you feckless hapless pencil necks that are the senior leadership of the Republican Party.”


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