Stephen K. Bannon ripped George W. Bush and Karl Rove on War Room, Saturday, saying they should “go clean the blood off” their hands.

Bannon said the establishment GOP was “too cowardly” to stand up to Stacey Abrams and fight against the stolen election in Georgia. They were happy to spend $700 million, but not to touch the issue of voter fraud in the senate elections.

“How much money they put int heir own pockets, Karl Rove,” Bannon said. “This is the scum. This is the Rove scum.”

“Great job on Bush’s book,” he said. George W. Bush recently called the GOP “isolationist,” “protectionist,” and “nativist.”

“Go clean the blood off your hands for Iraq,” Bannon said. “And by the way, 9/11 that happened on your watch.”

“These guys are nothing but scum,” he said. “I detest you guys.”


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