@mr.3rdeyebanned been trying to tell them my kang 2011 I warned everyone

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  1. tennant44

    I’ve been saying the same shit. Have Facebook posts too. I was even telling people back then they would be trying to normalize pedophilia

  2. mr.3rdeyebanned

    Bruh they won’t listen until we link the Kangz w the Kings in unity bro. 🖤🤍. Your alpha energy and mine! The world has to UNITE. Research the ways of the alpha males from the past to create this new beautiful future.

  3. c.a.n.d.i.o

    And while China is pushing this on us, they are pushing MASCULINE MEN propaganda on their people. Silent war.

  4. playswithdiamonds_

    Check out the game Cyberpunk 2077 feels like what we’re headed towards possibly. Elon Musk has mentioned it as well, but hopes it doesn’t end up being dark and dystopian. Certainly the potential will be there with A.I and robotic augmentations 😅

  5. elizabethmurata

    It already is here. They’re whittling away men every.damn.day.

  6. beverly.mccoy.100

    I so agree and have hurt the schools terribly!

  7. misscrisssss

    Yes the emasculation of men seems like top priority. It’s sick!!!!

  8. whateverwolf17

    No one gonna hate that. It’s true. My very germanic/dutch hubs is hairy AF. 😂 tmi? Idk but that bitch carried in a washing machine by himself. Bro did u at least use a hand truck😂😂😂😂

  9. tanyatc78

    It’s almost as if you’ve been looking through something…🧐😂 Graff the Prophet

  10. graytunabeard

    They hate men, yet do everything possible to be one. Upside down world

  11. lovedlm

    Weimar Republic. History repeating itself.

  12. browneyedwarden

    And the scary part is that the majority of people don’t actually realize what we’re up against with this trans agenda. When I was working in a high school in the GTA, our school in particular, 10% of our population was in some form of transition and these are our children, our Caucasian children. There were not very many other groups of children that are going through this. We’d have kids kicking lockers and slamming doors for wrong gendering them. We’re calling them by their “preferred pronouns” at school and the parents had no idea at home. It is so sick and twisted. We will have a generation that sterilized themselves. Or they commit suicide when they realize they are now in the wrong body.

  13. proudpapasidey

    Not sure who needs to hear this. But the “B” in LGBT means there’s 2 genders

  14. mzjillgrower

    I worry more about the men dressing up like women.
    Women dressed like men are still women, men dressed like men are still men.
    Men have a much greater potential of being predators than women do.
    Hundreds of men dressed like women with penises will be transferred into women’s prisons.
    They will run all women out of women’s sports from high school to college to professional. Forget about graduating with sports scholarships.
    Natural women can’t physically compete with men nor physically defend themselves from physical attacks by men in dresses.
    Transwoman are actually taking away real women’s rights.
    A woman dressed like a man in a men’s restroom doesn’t cause you potential physical harm, however men dressed like women in women’s restrooms, locker rooms, dressing rooms etc, definitely has potential to cause women great physical harm.

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