I was beyond disappointed that Biden didn’t say something incredibly racist or stupid tonight like he has so many times in the past. How do you go from talking about children playing with your leg hairs under water, to telling someone they’re not black, or calling one of your voters fat and challenging them to a fight outside, to being able to hold it together for a debate? How much of Biden’s stupid antics over the past few months were intentional?


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  1. z_donnelly

    People with dementia or other deteriorating brain diseases go in and out of lucidity, so he got lucky this time lmao, plus I actually believe trump looked good and that the American people saw the media bias with Chris Wallace, Atleast I’m hoping anyway! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  2. cali_ferny

    Kinda disappointed how it seems they got to trumps head though

  3. maxlife_t1d

    Why is no one talking about Trump saying he has the military in place for the vaccine? 200000 a day. Also why does neither talk about agenda 2030? Green new deal is agenda 2030.

  4. vivrelavie0902

    The satanic elite must’ve performed some kind of ritual or black magic to help him along. He did appear more clearly spoken than usual. Also Wallace is just a deep state puppet, the Dems planned for this debate for awhile and using all their usual tactics, bringing up the racist angle against Trump per usual.

  5. anna_m_bowen

    Yep been saying this. It’s an act incase indicted

  6. stephen_91_

    Trump blew it he lost the election tonight

  7. immortal._chosen_one

    One of Musks chips, Nano technology and a limitless pill all to bring Joe to average.

  8. z_donnelly

    Really anyone of us could have helped him do better with all the info we know about Biden and the deep state

  9. grateful.jo.mama

    This concept is intriguing….I am deep in thought about this one…thank you this🙌

  10. styledbyolliejay

    I did not like the “suburbs are full of blacks and non whites” comment actually

  11. jujuandpoppop

    He was wired……he was listening very intensely with his eyes closed….. see pictures….he was wired up……

  12. nani.lozadaa

    The wire my friend. The wire saved him with that 1 😂

  13. julie3645

    He was wearing a wire. It was obvious someone was telling him what to say/do.

  14. div.inity

    Biden saying he would overfund the police couldn’t have been good for his ‘defund’ base.

    Biden not knowing the full statement that was the supposed catalyst for his entry in the race was ridiculous.

    Biden repeating lies about our President’s thoughts on our military and Trump let him in an attempt to shift to Hunter?
    It was a shit show.

    Trump didn’t think it was important to mention that he already took executive action to make ‘bad apple’ cops accountable for their misconduct. Joes plan already exists, it’s called Trumps action.

    Why didnt trump mention funding HBCU’s? Or the First Step Act?

    Trump drank the punch and thought all he had to do was show up. There were a lot of people watching that have no idea about any of it, and he pissed away the opportunity to introduce them to the last 3.5 years in order to smear a junkie who married his dead brothers wife and cheated on her with a stripper he fathered a child with and refuses to support.
    What. the. hell.
    It seems like so much more could have been said. I hope there will be another opportunity.

  15. ___d.e.l.a.n.e.y___

    Brilliance…SAINT Trump 2020

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