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  1. Lol! Culantro jajajjaj it’s called cilantro, culo means ass and so culantro has a whole diff meaning here for us Mexicans ???? btw love your posts and that frog thing ????

  2. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  3. You see there is a serious language barrier with the Mexican people ❤️❤️ They really just need a person / Spanish news broadcaster that SUPPORTS TRUMP THE MEXICAN PEOPLE THEY WANT WHATS RIGHT!!! THEY JUST NEED A SPANISH ADVOCATE TO TRUST!!! If POTUS HAD SOMEONE!!!!! HE WOULD BE UNSTOPPABLE & THE MEXICAN VOTE WOULD ALL BE HIS????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  4. Lost in translation… if telemundo y univision are doing that boycott doesn’t mean that is the latino community; they are fake media. Most of the latinos support Trump, we are pro life and pro family; we are conservatives by nature and culture, we come to prosper and succeed and to work our asses off here in America, to do that ist for definition MAKE AMERICA GREAT!! There may be some telemundo univision brainwashed uneducated latinos that like $ but not law and order and they want everything for free… DIOS BENDIGA AMERICA my home sweet home ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  5. infin8g37

    BULLSHIT… MOST OF THE LATINOS I KNOW BACK PRESIDENT TRUMP. STOP DIVIDING US … You wont conquer us ????????????????????????????????????????????????

  6. ar_snl

    Bean man said Orange man is good. Orange man say DACA road to citizenship in next EO.

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