IntelSlava: “All the world’s media are replicating staged footage of the Ukrainian psyop unit from Bucha, where allegedly the Russian military massacred civilians. However, these crooked information fighters failed the task – in one video there are two tough mistakes at once…

First, we see one of the corpses raising his hand, and then in the rearview mirror, we watch another corpse get up, immediately after playing the part.”

A mass shooting took place in Sacramento last nigh @cnn @msnbc not reporting .. I wonder why?

At least 6 people killed in Sacramento mass shooting

Top NYC health official sparks outrage after she refers to whites as ‘birthing people’ but calls pregnant blacks and Hispanics ‘mothers’ in tweet


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  1. So I guess if its a real mass shooting they dont report it… but if its a MKUltra shooting (or false flag), with their staged people.. then they report.

  2. What is russias take on this ? Why aren’t we hearing the truth from them ? It’s almost like both sides are in on it.

  3. Alina

    Wow. 410 people died in bucha, Kiev region. A lot of dead children. It is NOT hard to find footage at that and it is NOT hard to find real people from there and talk to them. Again, 410+ people died in Kiev reign. DM me for footage what happened in Bucha. Whoever is behind this account, you should stop spreading misinformation. Until then the blood in Ukrainian people and children on your hands as well!

  4. The question is, are the “fresh and new” elections to get NWO people in there, or to clean house?

  5. This White Supremacist Card doesn’t seem to be working very well for me. 💣💥🤡🙏🏻🙏🏻👏🙏🏻🎯!

  6. All of a sudden the NYC Health clown is concerned w birth rates when they kill 40%+ of the black pop every yr there thru abortion… DEMOCRATS.

  7. Michelle Morse needs to step down immediately or the people of NY need to file a lawsuit against her and report her to the medical board.

  8. Katelyn

    I don’t understand why people would go and act for this footage but then I wonder..are they mkultrad? 🫢😯

  9. Shootings/ Murders/ Carjacking in Baton Rouge & New Orleans La. everyday😢😢Our States s going to crap fast with these Dem👿Mayors and Governor ‼️

  10. Tina

    Good morning beautiful 🥰 information on point as always 👏

  11. Ray Ags

    Badly trained 37F’s running amok worldwide, instructing foreign partners. It’s rare to see a crime scene with perfectly strewn bodies or victims, let alone an active combat zone. I’m sure their are plenty of victims and murdered but what’s purported in the video.. not sure.

  12. Josh

    That last slide is a stretch lol. She generalized all birthing ppl then pointed to specifics

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