We’ve been documenting all the Baltimore deaths connected to the number 104, in light of the 104th NFL season, and just a few days ago Kyle Gibson got his 104th career win for the Orioles.

He died 131 days after his birthday, the championship number.
Super Bowl = 131
Championship = 131

The Super Bowl is 138 days from today (his last game was 13/8)
His debut was on September 17, the NFL’s birthday (and Patrick Mahomes’ birthday)

The Super Bowl will be on the 42nd day of the year. Robinson?

It will be Super Bowl 58, and Robinson has died on 58 date numerology.
9/26/23 = 9+26+23 = 58
Baltimore = 58

His 86th birthday was the day Jim Brown died.

Again, the Browns became the Ravens in ’96.

And this past weekend Baltimore fell to 9-6 vs. the Colts.

And the Browns got their 503rd franchise win (the 96th prime.)
Baltimore Ravens = 96

And today leaves 96 days in the year.
Orioles = 96


He joined the Hall of Fame in ’83. *Football = 83


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