*cackle* I cant answer hard questions *cackle*


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  1. michy_i718

    I’ve seen any VP as rude as she is. She’s an embarrassment. I’ve also never seen a US VP welcomed to a country the way she was has been in Guatemala

  2. 2vp_smitty

    Why is she wearing a mask if she’s fully vaccinated.

  3. kidon316

    Her dealing with root causes is Willie Browns’ root beating up her guts 😂

  4. wasabi_india

    She sucks why is she always laughing durring questions 😩

  5. 22esparza

    kamalo cackling again cause it has no answer. No matter what angle or lightning it looks like a dude!

  6. martsberry3

    The Guatemalan people are smart to keep her out! Trying to manipulate a country.

  7. lorgro50

    Trying to make others feel inferior while dodging the real questions. Sad

  8. misswhatalife

    So embarrassing!!! She just want to be able to blame anyone else “they told me it was fine”

  9. khs4g

    Why would we discuss what’s going on in Guatemala? I want to know how she’s planning on handling America’s boarder crisis!!

  10. melifresh

    Again….WHAT is she always laughing at?

  11. bulleit_44534

    She is in over her head…no fucking clue! 🤦🏻‍♂️

  12. bookcoverfit

    Could it be a nervous tick or more obvious a “im about to lie” tick

  13. ric_martini

    She’s always laughing it up about serious issues or tough questions. Who does that? What the F is so funny?

  14. chefmattlambert

    But your the VP of America…… so let’s put America first…… oh wait.

  15. vincent_vibrant

    Why does no one ever ask about Montell?

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*cackle* I cant answer hard questions *cackle*