Can they be anymore out of touch with the working class?


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  1. scout_n_olive

    Yep I’ll be so rich now with my $1400 stimulus check that I can quit working forever! Muahhahahahahaha 😂


    His shirt and tie was probably $1400

  3. dparis693

    Open up without restrictions and let life continue! Let ppl work and they WILL

  4. miss_slayerr

    I mean, maybe because some states are still paying $700 a week to people who never had a job pre corona. But the measly $1400 isn’t going to make a difference.

  5. patina_fj40

    Payday boys! We’re all gonna fucking retire!! – (In my Julian voice from trailer park boys)

  6. tay_tay7711

    Clown show… $1400 is something but it’s not going to pull you out of poverty as the media tells you. Get to work- earn your living!

  7. krstvlkr

    He is actually completely right. 😩I had 22 employees before covid and now I have 7. Nobody will return to work because of the unemployment and the extra be if it’s they are getting. All the people I know that own businesses are having the same exact problem.

  8. mikey_lyxzit

    Do they know 1400 isn’t barely helping people?

  9. newtreehints

    Out of touch with the working class? Or in touch with globalist/technocrats? 😂

  10. texan_nixed_by_insta

    I love the look on her face 😂😂😂

  11. l_s_jr

    How long do they expect 1400 to last ?

  12. jeimasss

    I’d love to see Mitch munch a curb

  13. airryno17

    I’m buying Epstein island with my $1400!

  14. stevexv7

    it aint 1400 forever its 1400$ for month .. If Mitch would have got Trump his 2000$ he suggested pre election good chance many votes would have flipped instead Mitch delayed everything

  15. theweblass

    Most people are already back to work and $1400 will just push off filling for bankruptcy a little bit longer.

  16. ghost_ltn

    1400 won’t even cover a month let alone 2 weeks in some states.

  17. acd802000

    1,400 bucks ,, oh man ,,, I’m gunna retire early!!!

  18. michelle_linz_

    I can now pay off a piece of baseboard in my house!

  19. annroberts70

    Omg as if it’s life changing money

  20. getrichordiebryan

    I mean Joe Biden did cure poverty so I think he’s right 🤔🤣

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