Chance Perdomo has died 162 days after his birthday. *Chilling Adventures of Sabrina=162

He has died at the start of the MLB season. *Major League Baseball=162 *Baseball=162

He is dead at 27, and connected to the ‘witch’ show. *Witch=27 & 27 *Ritual=27 *MLB=27

Witches ride on brooms and baseball bats are known as sticks. *Broom=27 & 27

This year’s MLB season will end with the 120th World Series. Chance Perdomo=120

You could also say he died on the 163rd day of his age. *163, 38th prime *Death=38

In the show based on Sabrina, he tried to blow up the Vatican. That’s funny because he died on the 104th day of the Pope’s age. *Roman Catholic Church=104

10-4, over and out. RIP.


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