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The Russian-Ukrainian war affected the whole world, but regardless of whether it was confrontational or one-sided or whether everyone had their own agenda, it fell, consciously or not, into a holocaust

Only the New Federal State of China, from the beginning, has not hesitated to engage in international humanitarian action with the sole aim of saving lives.

On March 20, in the live broadcast, the founder of the New Federal State of China Miles Guo, declared firmly and unequivocally that the international humanitarian aid operation of the new Federal State of China in Ukraine will not stop. until the war ceases!

Mr. Guo forcefully and bluntly pointed out the problems that existed in the relief scene, demanding that they be quickly brought to a level commensurate with the international credibility and strength of the New Federal State of China.

Miles Guo, the leader of the New Federal State of China, promised to carry out the rescue operation until the end, whatever the pressures suffered and the cost, with only one objective in mind: to save more innocent lives.

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