Breaking “Spells,” what I call

The Media’s grip on Americans Minds.
Psychological/Spiritual Warfare
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Clarity on Q

Q is a counter-PsyOp strategy that’s working
against threats to National Security.

Study PsyOps and evaluate Q tenets. Q is not
meant to influence any particular narrative,
it is meant to psychologically counter
narrative influence, cognitively trigger agility,
and leverage a psychological posture. The
result: QUESTIONS: motivation for detailed
research, or investigation.

“Those who have something to hide are most
threatened by the truth.”

Why is it labeled a “threat?”

The corrupt geopolitical conglomerates,
government “institutions” and certain
Officials are seriously threatened by Q for
more than one reason.

1 . It is subverting their Narrative Warfare
strategy and objectives in multiple ways

2. It is helping millions of normal people
(Patriots) as well as those Patriots in
Government, the IC, US Military, Fed law
enforcement, and critical Industry positions
do a really important thing: Identify traitors
and corruption from within America and

Not all officials, government institutions or
major corporations are threatened by Q.

In fact, not all IC officials, Intelligence
professionals, career Military professionals
or federal law enforcement professionals are
threatened by Q either.

The efficacy of Q:

Countering corrupt narrative warfare
influence against YOU, by causing you to
stop, question & think, and giving you a
reason to investigate.

The People need a reason to question the
control of corrupt and deceitful authority.

A strange digital phenomenon/ anomaly
makes people ask themselves lots of
questions and is worth investigating.

Creating a reason for you to justify opting
for online research over that TV show you’re
hooked on and binge watching after a long
day at work ->which inevitably led to startling
discoveries and uncanny connections ->
connections which opposed a strongly
established narrative you believed was true
– your mind essentially went, WTF is this!?
GTFO! <or maybe you’re a cool guy and
thought, “interesting, must know more”> but
either way, you became motivated to find out,
to learn and investigate further.

So much so, that thousands became OSINT
experts to investigate facts and determine
the truth based on extensive research that
was not “Google” approved.

Deep research ultimately leads you to
different historical and more-accurate
information (normally buried by Tech
oligarchy or purposefully not taught/
discussed in globally funded academic
institutions intended to educate the masses)
you learn to filter for factual information over
Big Tech A1 “recommended” information, and
attain a higher level of self-education.

This practice is of self-education in the
Information Age, when a goldmine of
knowledge exists online if you care enough
to learn, and decide to filter information
differently than Big Tech A1 traditionally does
FOR you,
will ultimately increase your knowledge,
awareness and sense of judgement on the
reality of the status quo.

This improves decision-making faculties
regarding true-false- ambiguous information,
ie: the meaning of many things (ideas,
politics, people, laws, events etc) based
on your own judgement – and not that of
traditional “authorities” like Facebook,
Google, Government Officials or other

The Oligarchy (corrupt conglomerate) has
been influencing belief and choices through
public education policy and Information
Operations (which encompasses Narrative
Warfare, Public Affairs, Public Diplomacy,
PsyOps etc) for years.

This is the mass-scale publishing of biased
meanings regarding facts on huge platforms,
publications, news sources, establishing
media “authority” – all for the purpose
of perpetuating group-think and forced
normalization of psychological beliefs to
support their ideas – which actually strip
freedom, power and finances away from you.

Q is not the enemy here folks, not by a long


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  1. oknarfg

    Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene says Kew is divisive 👀

  2. omwarrior55

    That’s what all of us are besides anons or patriots or spiritual warriors. We’re SPELLBREAKERS. I’d want to see that movie 😉 Here to help break the spells that so many people are under. We’re all playing our part. That’s an army of us all over the world. LETS GO!!!! 🔥🔥🔥

  3. barbarieck

    Stop. Question. And think for yourself. 💯💯💯

  4. steinz50

    One problem here…if they can “reveal” truth and then discredit the movement which revealed it, they can more effectively “hide” the info than any suppression and censorship ever could. In other words…everyone will know the truth but be convinced it’s a lie. That truth will be hidden forever!

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  7. bastiatgold

    Ideas & philosophies should be judged on their own merit. Freedom & gatekeepers don’t mix!

  8. leeoregan11

    a brief glimpse at ‘controlled op’ media channels and their suicidal plunges off the narrative cliffs gives a strong indication of the ‘cultural-think’ changes. 🤷‍♀️

  9. qtriot_lifting_the_veil

    💯💯 I have been saying this for so long.

  10. hookahabib

    Wow….spot on. The telegram channel that post came from looks to be loaded with worthwhile information. Thanks for another excellent share 🔥

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Clarity on Q – The Media’s grip on Americans Minds. Psychological/Spiritual Warfare