Communists do not relinquish power. This is communism 101.

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  1. vgirl93

    I have a literally never met anyone who supports him. He’s never done anything good, he is running us into the ground and we all showed up to fight for this, it’s all rigged.

  2. agravematter

    Yeah its BS. He was recalled. Think about it. Literally every Republican and and Independent and a good portion of Democrats voted yes. Yet he magically 70 percent support?? 🙄. There would never have been a recall vote if he had that high of support

  3. deltalxx777

    Soros funded candidates rarely ever lose anyway😢

  4. ticket_target

    They can’t be caught and won’t be held accountable. They perfected the fix last year and we’ll never see another fair election until we reset the machine

  5. jnnmller

    So does anyone still believe the political shitshow is real?

  6. photoshep

    Cuz it’s BS California is in BIG trouble! Such a tragedy. More people I’m SURE will be leaving again :/

  7. mitigo.f

    It’s not who votes that counts; it’s who counts the vote.

  8. atres_

    Newsom isn’t a commie lmao no democrat is a commie you guys are idiots if you think that Lmaoo

  9. dylanhunt9247

    thieving lying shameless commie fraudsters

  10. a_a_ron53

    When Democrats have all the power, Covid will magically disappear

  11. taylormichaelholt

    I’m ready for the revelations.

  12. lizabell212

    The math won’t add up, yet we’ll still be told we are conspiracy theorists and the big lie stuff. the left sure knows how to gaslight like the abusers they are.

  13. jeffpnw

    Same garbage that kept Kate Brown in office in Oregon I suspect.

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