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  1. adri_rivera70

    So staged!! So sad!! He needs Jesus!!

  2. sveltepapi

    Lmao like he’s not reading from a script. I wouldn’t worry about Kyle, he’s saying what he has to say, not what he wants to say.

  3. naytin_worxsalot

    A giant qbanon just flew over my house

  4. burningkrome

    Thank you Kyle. You played your part well son. Now move along.

  5. pecs27

    If I was him I wouldnt want any interviews. Kid is clearly a psyop… accept BLM, denounce Q and Lin Wood, etc… cuckservatives that idolize him will follow suit

  6. trevorjames33

    Where’s the camera angle with that boy Dave Clowncock holding the Qcards…?🍿🍿🍿

  7. head_trip17

    He’s planning the rest of his life. Probably infiltrated somewhere along the line. He’s young and wants to have a life somewhere down the road

  8. 8kr0m8

    The bee actually kinda looks like the kid

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