Congresswoman @coribush is wrong.
⚪️ The United States of America’s is NOT stolen land
– We fought in battle and won
– We purchased Florida from Spain Under the Adams–Onís Treaty, where Spain sold the state of Florida to the United States for five million dollars on February 22, 1819. Signed between Spanish minister Do Luis de Onis and US Secretary of State John Quincy Adams, the treaty settled a long-standing border dispute between the two countries.
– The Louisiana Purchase was the acquisition of the territory of Louisiana by the United States from France in 1803. In return for fifteen million dollars, or approximately eighteen dollars per square mile, the United States nominally acquired a total of 828,000 sq mi.
⚪️ in 2021 in the United States of America, Black people are FREE.
– We abolished Jim Crow Laws
– We passed the 13th Amendment which abolished slavery
– We passed the Civil Rights Act of 1964
⚪️ In regard to Cori Bush’s district, representing St. Louis, Missouri they have:
– a Black Democrat Mayor, Tishaura Jones,
– a Black Chief of Police, John W. Hayden, Jr.,
– a Black District Attorney, Kimberly Gardner


Source: populistgop

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  1. brittanyhartloge

    I’m from St. Louis and I don’t claim cori bush the communist. What a freaking clown.

  2. mcgimpsey204

    Ppl are literally so fkn stupid and you can’t argue with them. Anyone who says this land is stolen, should lead by example, pack the fuck up and fly out to whatever destination they can find that hasn’t been fought for

  3. colonelkevin

    Omg please stop with the facts already! My argument isn’t valid with those!

  4. thewrench427

    The dems are terrorists period !!

  5. johnelvisdietz

    Watters spitting facts as usual

  6. thecreesianarchitecture

    Man I wish Dan was there to give Geraldo a big black eye

  7. rocketsblastoise

    The Democrats are the r4cists

  8. marciadevers22

    Geraldo has lost his meager mind. Go take pics of yourself in the shower and Update your Twitter then retire. Pull eeeze

  9. jacavanaugh

    Geraldope needs to take a history class

  10. 55andkickinass

    Trivial facts as far as the left is concerned

  11. rhondariggsdean

    Breathing and lying…repeat…

  12. nopchere

    Why people so fortunate to hold such a high position, with all the benefits and perks… and still despises the land and it’s people that made it possible for her to live her privilege lifestyle? The people that voted for her are the problem. Too many Americans are naive.

  13. jgbenton

    History is not the strong suit of the democrats.

  14. yuki_mcfluff

    Make Istanbul Constantinople Again

  15. rextexmexlgo

    She is another clown. Her voters should be embarrassed

  16. bobbyboooze

    Dance with the devil, you just might waltz. A lot of brainwashed ppl in America seem to want whatever it is they think communism is. Once that beast is unleashed, it’s going to get ugly real fast. Look at China’s revolution and Maoism. Look at the Bolsheviks in Russia. Tens of millions were killed.

  17. dulcehurtado123

    Just another way to make America fight each other.

  18. arimyschneagle

    Kagbabe, you are amazing. Thank you !

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 The United States of America’s is NOT stolen land
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