This man died on the 57th day of the year, a number associated with sports championships.
Fifty-Seven=131 *Championship=131 *Super Bowl=131
World Series=57 *NBA Finals=57

He died 49 days after Michigan beat Washington.
Washington=49 *Colon Cancer=49

His name also associates with Michigan’s accomplishment.

Craigh Roh=52 *Wolverines=52

Keep in mind 137 is the 33rd prime, matching his age of death.

It goes with Harbaugh being hired by the Chargers 33 days earlier.

Also, his last season at Michigan, 2012, was the year Jim Harbaugh lead the 49ers to the Super Bowl (the Harbaugh Bowl, #47). *Craig Roh=47

For one more, he died on the 26th of the month, and Michigan is the 26th state, once established on the 26th day of the year.


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