Cry Moar B_tch t_ts

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  1. ian_3711_

    Bruh I’m 10 seconds in and this is the most satisfying thing I’ve seen all day

  2. junkfoodjay

    Someone super spread his lip real effing good. 😂

  3. dkellysue

    We tried to tell you but the “fact checkers” shut us down!!!!! Glad you are waking UP!!!!!!

  4. farrah_day

    Love it. Good…the more people like him rail against their own biden regime the better!!

  5. tamale_jackson

    He’s already in poor health so this shot should exterminate him shortly

  6. jwaves

    😂😂😂😂 I know…. Can’t stand this guy

  7. eyehavenoeyedea

    This guy looks like a bootleg larry bird

  8. redxpen

    Damn. That was so filling i dont think i could possibly have anything else

  9. theinfumous

    He’s looking kinda sick…. little lethargic….

  10. bungmustard

    Enjoy your new life with who knows what they put in that shot. You did this to yourself chump. I hope it was worth it.

  11. vonhitchkustoms

    Rappaport is one of the biggest douche canoes 🛶 I’ve ever seen fugg that guy but heck maybe he’ll redpill some more idiots

  12. magiss_qneva

    I cant stand this guy!!! What a cry baby bitch!

  13. 5hatsdad

    @michaelrapaport is the ultimate liberal douche!! I wish him nothing but agony and pain!! #liberalismisamentaldisorder

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