Democrats Are Determined to Undermine Election Integrity Protections Using COVID-19 as a Prop

Read in order.
Why did WHO make several strong recommendation NOT TO impose a travel ban?
Why did select [D] govs ban the use of hydroxychloroquine [key]?
Why does FAKE NEWS push anti-hydroxychloroquine [fear tactics re: use]?
Why was impeachment pushed through H fast? [did they count on R’s blocking new witnesses?]
Time sensitive?
When did [BIDEN] become the front runner?
Why was this critically important?
What happened directly after?
When everything else FAILED….
Welcome to the [D][People’s Republic of China] party.
The Silent War continues..

2. Harmeet Dhillon: Coronavirus and elections – Dems doing this to gain political edge

3.  Republicans should fight very hard when it comes to state wide mail-in voting. Democrats are clamoring for it. Tremendous potential for voter fraud, and for whatever reason, doesn’t work out well for Republicans.

John Durham: The Last Trusted Prosecutor in Washington

John Durham is the legendary lawman digging into how the intelligence probe of Donald Trump started.

Profile: John Durham

John Durham, the prosecutor tasked with investigating whether CIA officers or contractors broke laws while interrogating terrorism suspects overseas, is known as publicity-shy, but dogged and successful.
When appointed by US Attorney General Eric Holder. he was already working on a complex national security case the investigation into the CIA’s destruction of interrogation in 2005.
“During the course that investigation. Mr Durham has gained great familiarity with much of the information that is relevant to the matter at hand.” Mr Holder said
Mr Durham is a career Department Of Justice prosecutor who built his reputation pursuing organised crime cases in Connecticut.
He was appointed by then Attorney General Janet Reno in 1999 to investigate alleged collusion between the FBI. police and organised crime groups in Boston – a case that resulted ‘n the conviction of a retired FBI agent and inspired the Oscar-winning film The Departed.
He also oversaw the case against former Connecticut Governor John Rowland. who was convicted for accounting gifts from people doing business with the State and not paying taxes on them.


US media reports say he is a registered Republican, though he is also described as nonpartisan. They also describe him as a devout Catholic who is driven by a strong sense of morality.
Friends and colleagues paint a picture of a formidable, dogged investigator. respected for his integrity.
He’s not afraid to bring a tough case and he’s not afraid to dose a case that people want to bring to trial if the doesn’t support it’s Kevin O’Connor. the former Connecticut attorney general. told the New Republic magazine recently.
“I’ve never met a person who cares less about what people say about him.”
H James Pickerstein, a former chief assistant US attorney who hired Mr Durham in the 1980s, told the Washington Post last year that the prosecutor relied on a good versus evil- vision of the world while leading the investigation O’ Mr Rowland.

Trump: Can’t see AOC plus 3 supporting Sleepy Joe!

Have you ever witnessed the media, Hwood, [D] party
[full], [F] leaders, (F] media. etc. push so much hatred
towards a sitting US President?
Why are ‘division’ tactics necessary?
Define propaganda.
Infiltration instead of invasion.
They will stop at nothing to regain power.

Read and discern for yourself.

They’re calm. Who? The friends
reading this.
New Q
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