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Who the heck wrote in the loop hole for tax avoidance?

by Is-Rael Landes 11/28/18

Did Trump Commit Tax Evasion Or Avoidance

Trump used the loop holes within our U.S. tax system (his $916 million loss in 1995)to avoid paying for nearly two decades.


Trump openly admitted to taking advantage of the system during the second presidential debate.

Later at a campaign event in colorado he reiterated stating “I was able to use the tax laws in this country and my business acumen to dig out of the real estate mess,” he said. “Few others were able to do what I did.” (Crystal Worldwide)


While we should be questioning the ethical side of reasoning;why this tax avoidance loophole exist, as well as why and let alone our sitting president used it before campaigning.


The bottom line is this tax strategy Donald Trump (and others) have used is remains legal.


Rather than criticize an individual for taking advantage of laws set in placed before his rise to presidency. Since we feel so strongly about the immoral and unethical aspect  of this case we should really push to amend this tax law.


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