Did you know there is a funding cut off? These Commies are playing nice nice to keep your kids enrolled until that magic marker date, then the tyrannical rules are going to be enforced and they could care less about you hollering about rights, children’s welfare, mental health, and freedom.

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  1. aussiecattledoglostinmo

    Together we are strong!

  2. dzbusyb

    I can’t speak for other districts but this isn’t true for LAUSD. The cutoff date for funding is true but even when we went back to school at the end of last school year, parents had the option to ask for a mask exemption.

  3. cosmetology_instructor

    Funding in lobbied into property taxes don’t pay your property taxes loose your home see how that works

  4. pumacali21

    Will any of it matter if AB 455 passes? It is time. This is insane.

  5. bjfitz28

    Yes! This just happened in my county in Florida, where actually the gov put out an EO banning mandates. Several counties just made them anyway. Literally this week. School started 3 weeks ago. 😡

  6. cstarr1112

    This is happening in Indian River county FL starting today a judge overruled disantis order. We all had the option to opt out schools been in session for 2-3 weeks and now no option to opt out unless with a medical exemption.

  7. l_jane_85

    Our district (in NY) voted parent choice 2 weeks ago but said if the state mandates it then their hands are tied. Well guess what happened, NY just mandated it on Friday and our school caved to make sure they get their $$$

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