Wait didn’t Hillary delete emails…

by Is-Rael Landes 1/5/2019

Email Leaks Of Pay To Play From Big Business To Clinton Foundation

I’ll save you a 17 min video included below and just give you the facts.


  • Doug Bannon- Advisor under Bill Clinton presidency

    • Founder of “Tenao” company

    • Works with The Clinton Foundation

  • Companies donate massive sums of money to The Clinton Foundation for information/favors

    • The info/favors result in the companies making more money then they “donate” to the charity

  • Bill Clinton becomes an honorary member of Tenao and companies that donate.

    • Resulting in a salary from the companies.

  • Many of the companies donate directly to the Clinton’s pocket


Long story short the Clinton’s use their charity to accept donations, resulting in both the donator, and the members of the charity profiting.


I encourage you to see the evidence for yourself below.



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