Even know I want that fit they deff were mked

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  1. kaynachappell

    More than that … when Britney walked out on the carpet that day you could see she recently lost her innocence

  2. wholeheart_wholehomestead

    They are completely drugged out. Sick.

  3. thre3_little_birds

    Justin recently apologized to her publicly on social media if you haven’t peeped that 👀

  4. nick_alyssa2127

    Wasn’t there a story back in the day around two thousand or two thousand one that they both died in a car accident

  5. castle_rock1776

    Homie out here looking like Peter Griffin when he was wearing an all denim getup lmao

  6. dajofsby

    She looks so sad and lost. That poor girl, what they did to her. 🥺

  7. wynns_dad

    Does the car crash, with Britt being decapitated hold water?

  8. quantum_tantra

    If only I could read what you write…..

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