Everything has meaning don’t forget that

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  1. MAGA

    Why is he endorsing him? The guy has a Turkish background and dual citizenship.

  2. Now it makes sense why he’s endorsing OZ because OZ is famous. If a famous person gets cheated on an election then it puts the spotlight on it for normies.

  3. There was a news article a week or 2 ago about the discovery of a yellow brick road or some thing like that

  4. JB

    The fact he even endorsed this clown says a lot 😳 Maybe there’s some “secret reason” why but man….. it’s getting pretty wild out here

  5. And the underwater discovery of the “mysterious yellow brick road” last week or so?

  6. Wizard and warlocks are devil worshipping terms. The people who hold these titles have done some fkd up things to children before they cannibalize them. Think…Killary Clinton and Huma with the emails about hammering children. Oh and there are also photos of Obummer having an Alice and Wonderland themed party at the white house…

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