Father God I been betrayed.
Q was highlighting the clowns all along.

Romans 12:19 KJV

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  1. nick.sevv

    What if “getting Q’d” actually was a way for Q to point out some of the phonies?

  2. Well we’re human 😌 I wouldn’t even do much say we were deceived as God is lifting the veil on a LOT of people…

  3. jwehrle143

    Had to be this way. And it had to be you to point it out. Tuesday. And your. Still. Fuggin. Doin. It.

  4. becoolsucka

    Wait help me out, why are these guys phonies again? Just because they made “above majestic”?

  5. Q is probably a mossad operation designed to create confusion and infighting within Trump’s base in order to render any real political cohesion impossible. The movement has become less about issues and principles and more about gossip and pointing the finger.

  6. bigpoppasmoke61

    Remember my frens, we’re at war and disinformation is absolutely necessary…. in everything…. stay comfy and #GodWins !!! #merrychristmas

  7. punisher.x17

    Holy shit. I just thought of something. Most of the accounts that Q mentioned in his drops, all got suspended on Twitter. What if Q was deliberately Q’ing them so they can get suspended because they were in fact phonies! 🤯🤯🤯

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