Well, that was fast, wasn’t it? In the short span of a few months we’ve gone from rumors of a novel virus spreading in China, to rumors of that virus spreading across the globe; worldwide economic shutdown as corporations threaten to replace our jobs with automatons and AI and our physical currency with crypto; to elites admitting their plans to tag us and inject us like cattle in a factory farm and watch every move we make, every word we say on their weaponized 5G surveillance grid; to the shrinkage of what rights we still enjoyed in our individual concrete hellholes of corporate indentured servitude enforced by our brave brothers and sisters in uniform whose masters’ identities are quite ambiguous even to themselves; to the expansion of the United Nations empire through the further annexation of its citizens’ wealth (or what they had left of it) as half a trillion dollars finds itself, in the wake of this ever rampaging pandemic, moving up the Illuminati pyramid from the many, dirty grabbling hands of the peasantry to where it belongs in the few, clean hands of their masters; to the seat of the Imperial Throne, Israel, who helped make this all possible, displaying its own righteous powers through bombing the cities of Syria; all the while Americans are told to worry about toilet paper, washing their hands obsessively, to always wear a mask and never go within six feet of another person— that is, until, they were reminded of the scourge of (I shudder to even type it)white privilege. Now America burns and armies patrol its streets, though it’s not so apparent whose armies they are.
When does it end, you may ask? It doesn’t, the next narrative will always be around the corner, as sure as the next Hollywood blockbuster. Unless we stop watching their shitty movies.


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