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What is CTE, and causes?

by Is-Rael Landes 12/22/18

Explosions And Minor Blows To The Head May Result In CTE

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Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE)


Many individuals from veterans, football players to many others are suffering from this current mental health crises we are facing. The side effects of the disorder including self harm, and harm to others have links to individuals diagnosed with CTE.


Currently those diagnosed are affected for life as there is no current treatment. The only way to examine whether one has CTE is after death, where researchers at Boston University’s CTE Center perform test on the brain.


Dr. Bennet Omalu “There is no safe blow to the head.”


What does that mean?

“Concussions do not cause CTE,” he said, “What causes CTE is blows to your head with or without symptoms, with or without a helmet. Helmets do not protect your brain from CTE.”


CTE changes “who they are,”. Those diagnosed with PTSD may have links to CTE, which again can only be determined after death.


“Especially in the frontal lobes, which are very important for decision-making, judgment, and cognition,” said Dr McKee,


Impacts to the head from boxing, football, and military personnel exposed to explosions all may result in CTE.


“It could present with changes in personality, mood disorders and gradual loss of intelligence, impulsivity, very rampant and rapid fluctuations in mood, sometimes unjustifiably,” adding “You stand an increased risk of becoming a drug addict, an alcoholic, you have a much higher risk of engaging in self-harm, attempting suicide and even committing suicide.”  (CBN)


Studies are being done in efforts for a cure. The best thing you can do is take steps yourself limit your exposure to activities that would put you at risk of receiving blows to the head.


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