wreak havoc=107/44/55 *Military=107/44/55

This news comes a span of 322 days before Christopher Wray’s 58th birthday.

He attended Yale, which is 322 years old.

Think of Yale, Skull and Bones, Order 322.


This news also comes on 56 date numerology. And the FBI operates with 56 field offices.
1+31+24=56, Washington DC=56, Society of Jesus=56, Freemasons=56

This news also comes on 1/31 and they’ve been warning about how a cyberattack can take out the power grid. This news also comes shortly before the Super Bowl.

The phrase power outage also equates to 56.
Power Outage=56

Keep in mind Super Bowl 58 is close.
Super Bowl=131, Power=58



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