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The Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC) sent out an email to presumably all Election officials in the state.  The WEC is pushing the narrative from their big brothers and sisters at the federal government’s CISA’s EIS GCC on how to deal with “false election narratives.”

The document is part of the federal government’s Election Infrastructure Government Coodinating Council and Subsector Coordinating Council’s Joint Mis/Disinformation Working Group.

As you recall, US government officials in 2020 claimed the 2020 election was the most secure in election history.

BREAKING: President Trump Fires Director of Cybersecurity Chris Krebs For Highly Inaccurate Claim 2020 Election Was “Most Secure in American History”

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So the US federal government, who lied about the 2020 election, (much more is about to be exposed in the coming weeks!) and the Wisconsin Election Commission, who reportedly broke state law with their nursing home fraud scandal, are going to be putting out approved propaganda lists.

Is anyone really surprised?

EIS-GCC Rumor Control Start… by Jim Hoft

The background of the CISA and EIS GCC is reprehensible at the very least as documented byintrepid investigators.  

These agencies and vendors must be abandoned. Our election systems must move away from manipulative software systems and return to paper ballots with fiduciary-quality audit procedures and mechanism built into the process.


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