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  1. revengeofthefrog


  2. wonderouslifenw

    With what he is uncovering, he will most likely also check his wife’s hand bag for a pistol before he rides in the back seat of a convertible too

  3. kinderteach32570

    He didn’t want to be poisoned, that’s absolutely ridiculous!

  4. diuglasalan

    The entire school board should be in

  5. imbryanshillbillygoddess

    Abandoned dog is named snowflake 🤣

  6. dimitrikalivas_

    Can’t stand Tyson, I’ve always gotten creep vibes from that guy

  7. mattking782

    If you actually believe you can “land” something 120 million miles away you may be Neils butthole. 😂

  8. littlecreamsodaa


  9. bryan_bowers_

    Even more hilarious about the Emmy now

  10. _ex_chief_152

    Omg he needed fresh soda and ketchup he’s a fuggin monster 💀

  11. hisnamewasjeffreyepstein

    Lol get rekt brother fucker

  12. realgabriellefox

    Your posts are slowly getting worse. Now it’s Drumph? Bro he’s worried about being poisoned, don’t be and idiot 🤦🏼‍♀️

  13. mikethemechanic123

    I would think a large reason why Texas had that problem was BECAUSE of government institutions like NASA. Nobody needs a fake money draining entity to run a state.

  14. charbonneauian

    Damn if I saw those bitches shopping I’d act like one of those aunt queefer and belittle the fuck outta her! @3plem84

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