Over 100 people were arrested by the Polk County Sheriff’s Office during “Operation March Sadness II” a 6 day undercover investigation that focused on human trafficking, prostitution & child predators. Four Disney employees were among the 108 arrests, including a lifeguard who worked at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort.

Former Judge Damel Peters, 66, was charged with soliciting a prostitute. He served as a judge in Cook County & as a special asst for legal affairs at the Cook Co. Sheriff’s Office in Illinois.

Detectives identified prostitutes who posted online ads as well as “johns” who sought prostitutes. The sheriff said the operation “had the intent to identify and free any victims who were being forced into prostitution (human trafficking), or anyone participating in the trafficking of victims.” www.wfla.com/news/_polk-county/_ polk-county-sheriff-to-speak-on- undercover-human-trafficking: investigation/ @ 18 4:47 PM


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g BLM Leader/Founder Of Non-Profit “Violence in Boston” Indicted On Fraud, Conspiracy Charges

The founders of a non-profit Violence in Boston (VIB), have been indicted in connection with a series of alleged schemes designed to defraud VIB & its donors, the Massachusetts Dept of Unemployment Assistance & a mortgage lending business based in Chicago. Monica Cannon-Grant, 41, and her husband Clark Grant, 38, were charged in an 18-count indictment with 2 counts of wire fraud conspiracy; one count of conspiracy; 13 counts of wire fraud; & one count of making false statements to a mortgage lending business. Cannon- Grant is also charged with one count of mail fraud.

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