Forget Hot Girl Summer, we’re about to enter Herpes Simplex Summer. The THOT brigade is on the loose.

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  1. theinventionofsarcasm

    Last year, one of our top Canadian medical advisors said glory holes were the safest 😂 like, yeah, only base sexual gratification allowed, if you get bored of masturbating. Btw shes also on contract with the WHO. Not sus at all.

  2. dasschmagimator

    I remember a few weeks ago, the jab makes you more vulnerable to herpes as well.

  3. organiccannabisconsulting

    Wtf? Imagine being Zoe Williams 😂🤣🙄🤦‍♂️🤢🤮

  4. illegitimatepresident

    It’s me! 🙋🏻‍♀️I’m the THOT brigade! #makeherpesgreatagain

  5. monkeypaw68

    First I threw up in my mouth a little then I really LOL’d at Herpes Simplex Summer 😂😆

  6. fasimakos

    Wow, only great thing in this pandemic was to keep my distance from the lunat!cs … STDs never got the attention covid has

  7. westqueenseast

    The photo of the author did not surprise me.

  8. heatherrenee

    Isn’t this the same author that took major issue with working out?

  9. ninjesi13

    But… there’s still fluids.. if it’s going to spread via bodily fluids, it’ll spread through all of them. Not just the mouth. This is so stupid.

  10. carmengamble3066

    Wow! You have just (again) entered…the twilight zone!

  11. awakepatriotmama

    The picture alone is horrible. Lord help us 🤮🤡🤡

  12. sashaoslo

    Stop promoting that Jezebel energy mainstream media. Jeeeeeezzzz

  13. noknocks18784

    Wow! They’re gonna be wearing Hockey Helmets by July.

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Forget Hot Girl Summer, we’re about to enter Herpes Simplex Summer. The THOT bri