Kill = 28 (Seattle = 107, 28th prime)
#41 is dead on the 14th *Fourteen = 41 *Baltimore = 41 *Super Bowl = 41

It’s unclear why Alex Collins, the former NFL running back for the Seattle Seahawks and Baltimore Ravens is dead. And just two days ago I was talking about deaths connected between these teams, and now I realize a deeper connection with Seattle, Baltimore and sports.

The Baltimore Orioles franchise began as the Milwaukee Brewers. And the current Milwaukee Brewers franchise began as the Seattle Pilots. At the same time, the Baltimore Colts began as the Miami Seahawks.

*Recall, we were talking about how the Mariners stayed on 52 losses the day of Sean Dawkins dead at age 52, who played for Seattle in the NFL, and the Colts. Of course, the Colts began in Baltimore.

He is dead 353 days after his birthday (353, 71st prime). *Catholic = 71

Alex Collins was the 171st pick of the draft? I wonder why…

The Seahawks and Ravens play each other on November 5 this year

That game is 83 days after his death. *Ravens = 83 *Football = 83 *Murder = 83

He is dead 181 days before the Super Bowl, the 42nd prime, and the Super Bowl is on the 42nd day of the year, and Washington is the 42nd state in order of statehood (Seattle, Washington).

He wore #41 and died on the 14th.
Fourteen = 41
Baltimore = 41
Super Bowl = 41

The next Ravens and Seahwaks match will be 211 weeks after the last meeting, similar to the Super Bowl date, February 11, 2024, or 2/11. Of course, 211 is the 47th prime, and the Ravens won Super Bowl 47, and Seattle is on the 47th Parallel North.

That was the day Nany Pelosi’s brother died, and they’re from Baltimore.

He was born 24/7, and the United States of America is 247-years-old.
Seattle, Washington = 247


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